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If you already own a SpeedySift Litter Box and wish to upgrade to a Hooded, High-Side, or High-Back option,
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  • ♦$0.35/count♦ Total 56 counts. Each pack has 14 sifting liners and 1 bottom no hole liner. Liner size 35”x 31”x 1mil.
  • Oxo-Biodegradable liners: We use EPI technology to accelerate the liner’s degrading process, converting it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. The used liners will degrade in a few years in the landfill, helping save our planet
  • Innovative Offset Liners: Each liner acts as a sieve. When two are offset and stacked together they form a solid base which minimizes CATCHING cats’ claws and tearing. It also prevents urine leakage and litter from falling to the bottom.
  • Use with clumping clay litter that is non-lightweight. According to the Humane Society, most cats like a shallow bed of litter, so provide 1 to 2 inches of litter rather than 3 to 4 inches.
  • Overactive cats follow instructions to use: All cats like to dig, but most of them never or rarely tear holes in SpeedySift liners. However, a few overactive cats dig too hard, too much and sometimes might tear the top liner. Thanks to the offset-stacked sieves, you will only lose one sheet (not several layers). Please trim your cat’s claws and the rest of liners will be safe to use again
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